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Monday, May 20, 2013



My heart breaks for the devastation and loss of life.
I see the pictures of homes flattened for miles
And wonder how anyone in those homes survived.
I think about the brave teachers who comforted the frightened while covering up their own fears.

I pray for the families of the 24 children whose bodies were found in part of a flattened school. 
I hug my children and tell them I love them.
These parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles only grieve with empty arms.  
The ones still searching long for hope that their lost ones will be found alive.
The pain, the hurt, the suffering.
People crying to God for comfort and help.

Do we wonder why such devastation happens in our world?
That innocent lives are taken and families torn apart.
Is this how communities come together seeking God for guidance?
God received those 24 children with open arms. 
They are in His tender loving arms.
They will never hurt or want anything ever again.
They are with the Loving Father who will protect them from evil.

The ones left on earth comfort each other.
Believing, hoping and trusting.
We support each other and pray that God will keep all evil from our doors.
God sees this devastation and it grieves Him.

Just like when man leaves Him out of their lives it grieves Him.
He created a world without sin but evil creeped in.
He created man in His own image but man rejected Him.
He sent His only Begotten Son to die for our sins but the world crucified Him.
Even in all this destruction, God is still in control and He heals.
Trust Him, Believe in Him, Walk with Him

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The Fruits of the Spirit
When love prevails, there will be no hate.
Agape love!
This is not the physical, the emotional, or the approval of affection we all want.
Do you give self-sacrificial love like Jesus?

 Can there be chaos where there is peace?
Do you have inner peace?
There will be no wars of any kind physical or inner where peace lives.
Storms may arise; but if you are on the narrow path with God, peace will surround you.

 Joy brings no sorrow.
We must repent from sin to have real joy.
God’s promises and spiritual realities are
 full of joy.
This is a very special gift from God that helps you wither the trials and storms of life.

Long-suffering will last during irritating or uncontrollable circumstances.
Will you keep the unity of the Spirit?
Will you endure for love and peace?
Will you stand firm?

  Gentleness brings kindness and self-control.
Are you good to others?
How hard is it for you to be kind to your enemies?
 Jesus showed kindness to all; even the ones who cried crucify him.

Where there is goodness there is no envy or strife.
Are we commanded to spread goodness?
Do you spread God’s goodness wherever you go?
Always look for the good in others!

 Faith will stand where there is no unbelief.
How strong is your faith?
Do you have mustard seed faith?
Have you moved a mountain today?

 Meekness calms the waters instead of creating a fierce storm.
Do you have a humble and gentle spirit?
Are you controlled by revenge and chaos? 
God wants you to be gentle, submit to His Will and be kind to others.

 Temperance shows no wicked temptation or desire.
What desires or temptations can you not control?
Is it alcohol, pornography or just being rude to others?
To be an overcomer you must turn it over to God.

Jesus left us with the Fruits of the Spirit.
This is a guide on how to treat ourselves, our families, strangers, friends, and fellow Christians
What fruits do you lack?
Seek His guidance so you can develop and walk daily in the Fruits of the Spirit.

The Fruits will make you a better person.
Will you let your light shine for God?
Will you practice love, peace, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance?
God needs warriors who are not ashamed to be like Jesus.

 (Quoted From "Are You A Tree Yielding Fruit")

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Complete Trust

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Complete Trust

I hear the obedient little bird chirping away.
He is saying over and over again, 
 "Lord,  I praise you.   Lord, I praise you."
How obedient, sitting still, praising his maker.
He knows completely that his maker will supply every need for the day.
The little bird trusts in his maker's love completely.

Oh, how I pray for this obedience.
I pray that I can be this confident in my maker to be this obedient and loyal to do His will, to love the unlovely, to seek His guidance ever step of the way.
I pray that every decision I make will be His Will.

Oh, how I praise You this beautiful morning, Lord.
I love You.
Thank You for the doors You will open.
Thank You for the blessings You will shower on my family this wonderful new day.
Precious is your name.
The Great I Am.

Friday, July 27, 2012



     ...being so still you can feel the arms of God wrapped around you.
     ... a gentle breeze.
     ... a single smile from someone for no reason.
     ... kindness given to a stranger.
     ... unconditional.
     ... discipline.
     ... Jesus dying on a cross.
     ... the warmth of the Son.
     ... kind and gentle.
     ... understanding.
     ... patient.
     ... praying for the lost.
     ... holding a newborn baby.
     ... loving oneself.
     ... loving the unlovely.
     ... loving your enemies.
     ... knowing how much The Creator of the Universe loves you.
     ... knowing nothing can separate you from the love of God.
     ... friendship.
     ... family.
     ... God.
     ... laying down one's life for another.
     ... Jesus.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Heavenly Visitation

A Heavenly Visitation

For years I have wanted to write this story but was afraid that I would not portray the feelings completely or the degree of love that God has for each of His special children and for the family.

In 1975 my husband and I went on a trip of a lifetime with two dear friends.  We were so excited, buying new clothes and looking forward to a ten-day vacation.  There were so many things that happened on this trip but what I want to share with you is a walk on the beach where we ended our vacation at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

My friend, Deb, and I were walking on the beach one morning and in the distance I could hear laughter that to this day I can close my eyes and still hear and see these people.  As we walked closer we saw a beautiful family sitting approximately 15 feet from the water.  A small child was going out in the water, rolling around at the edge and going back to his parents.  From a distance, I thought to myself the child was too young to be going out into the water by himself even to the edge.  As we got closer the laughter and joy of this family was instilled in my mind forever and I could see that this child was older than I thought.  He had no arms from the elbows down and no legs from the knees down.  My heart never felt sad for this family because I have never seen so much joy and happiness on anyone’s face.  I remember telling Deb that was true happiness.

We went home and told about all the wonderful things that happened on our trip but never mentioned the beautiful family I saw on the beach.  A short time later I found out that I was pregnant.  Do you remember how excited you were when you were told you were going to have your first child?  The baby showers and the excitement of getting the room ready for your new addition are etched into your mind.  My husband worked 3rd shift.  One morning he came home wearing a corsage and carrying a load of gifts.  The women at his work had given him a baby shower.  Life was perfect.  We had restored my husband’s birthplace and everything was ready for this new bundle of joy.

The day finally arrived but first I must tell you that for nine months I was not able to eat.  I would eat three and four times at a meal but the food would simply not stay down.  I was hungry.  I lost weight instead of gaining but all chemistry and vital signs were normal. Was this my body telling me something was wrong?  My belly was so small that I wore my regular clothes to the hospital.  During the pregnancy my husband took me to a maternity store to buy me some clothes but I never filled them out.  I know if my husband was going to cheat on me it would be with a pregnant woman because he says they have a special glow and beauty.

We go to the doctor and they send me over to the hospital.  It is time.  Twelve hours later it is still time but no baby.  Finally, this new bundle of joy was born.  When the pediatrician laid our new son in my arms, I could not see him.  It was like I left my body and was standing on the seashore smelling the mist from the ocean.  At that moment if you asked me where I was, I would have told you my feet were touching sand and I could smell the ocean.  I was standing back in front of a beautiful happy family so before I could see my new son I knew something was wrong but God comforted me by showing me the happiness of this family.  I felt a love and a peace around me that made me know everything was going to be all right. Our son was born without the radius bones (TAR Syndrome, thrombocytopenia with absence of radius).  His hands touched his shoulders.  There were other problems that kept us in the hospital.  His liver was enlarged, the billirubin levels were high, and they thought he had a blockage in his bile duct.  He jaundice so he looked like he had a beautiful tan.  The doctors wanted to redo the blood work but they did not want to draw so much blood again from our son.  They let us finally go home waiting for a call for us to go to the university hospital.  As soon as we arrived home, our doctor called for us to come back to his office because he had found another lab to perform the test with less blood.  There were so many people praying to God to heal our son.  The next day we went to the big university hospital.  They thought our son had a rare disease not seen since 1952.  Medical students and doctors wanted to observe us.  When we arrived at the hospital, they took blood to redo the tests and the next morning they were back in the room to take more blood for more tests.  Later in the evening our doctor came in and told us were going home in the morning.  The test in our hometown had been performed at two different labs so two labs had not made the same mistake.  The doctor looked at us and said we had witnessed a miracle because according to all the original blood work our son needed surgery.  God heard the people’s prayers and came down from His throne and healed our son. 

When I packed my suitcase for the hospital, I forgot to pack my Bible and there was no Gideon Bible in my room but I believe that was God’s plan.  As I would pray to Him, He would immediately take me out of my body and stand me in front of that beautiful-happy family.  There are no words to explain the comfort I felt.  I do not know if this was a real family or angels that God had sent to minister to me but for years when I went to my quiet place to talk to God about uncertainties about our son, He would immediately take me out of my body and stand me in front of this family so I could once again fill the love and happiness.  This gave me the courage to be strong and to treat our son as if he had no obstacles to overcome.

One day I will be able to thank these people personally for letting me see the love and compassion of Jesus in their lives, to see how precious the family is to God, and for helping me have the courage to go out and live my life with these values.

Was this a heavenly visitation?  You decide!  

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Monday, June 4, 2012


"When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. 2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. 3 The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. 4 Turn again our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the south. 5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. 6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him. "                                           Psalm 126 (A Song of degrees.)


(degrees – a journey to a higher place, elevation)

What a beautiful morning to be alive.
Many geese are gracefully gliding over the lake.
The squirrel is up in the tree fussing at me because I have not brought him something to eat.
All of a sudden one love goose starts honking and all the others line up in formation.
They are getting ready to take flight.

The gentle breeze is so cool and refreshing.
The air is crisp.
The sun beats down on the earth making the trees and grass vibrant with color.
It is like the earth is putting on its Sunday best as it awaits a visit from its creator.
Make us anew this morning.

May we belike your creation sitting still in our quiet place awaiting a visit from You.
As we sit patiently, we pour out our heart to you pleading, begging to heal the lost, to bring someone in their path that let them see Jesus.
We call out name after name that we know are sick and need a healing touch from the great physician.
We thank You for our lives, our family, and all the blessings You send our way.
We pray for You to open the storehouses of blessings or the ones who have crossed our paths and helped us in the smallest way.

We thank you.
We praise You as we wait for Your visit.
Knowing that if we sit still long enough You will come and commune with us as friend to friend.
How wonderful to have anticipation that our Father will come from heaven to commune with a saved sinner as I.
That He will “wow” me today in ways I cannot comprehend because I have asked Him into my life to guide and direct my ways.

Hear He comes!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


God Carries You Through

How will You “wow” me today, Lord?
I feel that I am at the bottom of the barrel and there is no way out.
I have You and You alone to carry me through life.
Help me, I cry!   Forgive me, I cry!
Show me the way, I cry!  Love me, I cry!  Guide me, I cry!

May I learn what You want me to learn so I can move on to the next level in life.
Why do I feel beaten down on all sides?
I have helped others.
I have tried hard to love the unlovely.
But today I will put the enemy (Satan) under my feet.

This will be a wonderful day because You, Lord are holding my hand and guiding me through it.
Thank You for life, for my family, and for all that You will show me today.
Thank You for Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Thank You, thank You, thank You.
I love You, Lord and because of You I will be victorious.

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